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Finally, An Easy way to access clients’
Google Analytics

Say goodbye to the hassle of sharing passwords or explaining how to get you access.
With AgencyAccess, you can effortlessly connect to all your client's accounts just by sending 1 link.

Streamline your agency's workflow and make client onboarding a breeze!

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Risk Free - Preview it before onboarding your clients

No CC required

Time Efficiency

Save valuable time by instantly connecting to client accounts without the hassles of password sharing or lengthy setup procedures.

Enhanced Security

Ensure the security and privacy of both your agency and clients' accounts, meeting GDPR compliance standards and safeguarding sensitive data.

Professional Impressions

Create a strong first impression with clients by presenting a branded onboarding process, highlighting your agency's expertise and commitment to excellence.


Preview Before Onboarding Your Clients

Create your own branded onboarding link

With AgencyAccess, you can take control of your onboarding process. Create your personalized onboarding link, tailor it to your agency's needs, and experience a hassle-free way to access client accounts.

Preview before sending to clients

Don't leave anything to chance. Preview the onboarding experience your clients will have before sending the link. Ensure it aligns with your agency's branding and impresses clients from the start

14 days to get your money back

We're confident you'll love the efficiency and security AgencyAccess provides. Try it risk-free for 14 days, and if you're not completely satisfied, we'll refund your money, no questions asked

The Problem

Does this look like an agency you would work with or buy from?

Unprofessional & Inefficient

Email requests and manual setup processes waste time and don't leave a good impression on clients. AgencyAccess solves this by providing a secure and efficient solution, eliminating the need for such unprofessional practices

Security Concerns

Agencies using these methods expose themselves to inefficiencies and security risks. AgencyAccess uses cutting-edge OAuth technology to provide a secure and efficient solution. We never save sensitive data like user passwords, prioritizing your clients' data security

How much business are you losing due to unprofessionalism and inefficiency?

No CC required

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Step #1

Connect your accounts to AgencyAccess

Kickstart the transformation of your agency's workflow by seamlessly connecting your account to AgencyAccess.


Step #2

Add your own look and feel

Create a custom branded access link

Make your agency's mark with AgencyAccess. You can effortlessly add your own logo and choose your brand's primary and secondary colors. Create a fully branded onboarding experience that resonates with your agency's identity

Personalise to recipients

Take personalization to the next level. Customize the onboarding experience for each client by including their company name, first name, and other personalized elements on the custom landing page. It's all about making each client feel special

Custom domain hosting

Elevate your agency's professionalism with custom domain hosting. Use your agency's domain to host the onboarding experience. It's a seamless way to impress clients and enhance your agency's online presence.


Step #3

Preview and send to clients

After creating a customized onboarding link, take a moment to preview how it will appear to your clients before finalizing it. Once you're satisfied, you can choose to send the link via email directly through AgencyAccess or simply copy the link to share it through your preferred communication channel. We give you the flexibility to send it your way

Want to change your branding? All links are updated automatically

Did you recently change your branding, or want to add a new logo? AgencyAccess automatically updates all links that use custom branding.


Always Here for You

We're committed to your success. Our 24/7 support team is ready to assist you whenever you need help. Whether it's a question, concern, or product suggestion, we're just a message away. Your satisfaction is our priority.


Your Ideas Matter

We value your feedback. If you have product suggestions or feature requests, please let us know. We're constantly working to enhance AgencyAccess and make it even better for you. Your input helps shape the future of our platform.

Agency Access

100+ Reviews

This Is Why Agencies Love Agencyaccess

"AgencyAccess has revolutionized the way we onboard clients. The customization options are fantastic, and the security measures put our minds at ease. It's a must-have tool for agencies."

"Using AgencyAccess has significantly improved our efficiency. The link preview feature is a game-changer, and the fact that they don't access our data shows their commitment to privacy."

"AgencyAccess has been a productivity booster for our agency. The branding options help us stand out, and the ease of sending links is fantastic. It's become an essential part of our workflow."

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You're 5 Minutes Away from Unlocking the Future of Client Onboarding

Get started for free! Streamline your workflow, enhance security, and leave a lasting professional impression on your clients.

βœ… Simplify onboarding, save time, grow your business.

βœ… Protect data, build trust with advanced security.

βœ… Impress clients with easy of use and custom branding